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Codefile is a collaborative online code editor for technical interviews, pair programming, teaching... you name it.

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The collaborative online code editor.

Create, share and edit code snippets in real-time together with other developers.

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Real-time collaboration.

Edit code and see updates while collaborating with other users in real-time.

Collaborative code editor

Organize your files.

Access to your Dashboard to organize & keep track of your files.

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Syntax highlighting in your preferred language.

Choose among 120+ programming languages to adapt your file syntax.

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Share the link to invite people.

Share the file link with your colleague to start editing it together.

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No sign up needed, just jump right in!

Codefile doesn't require you to create an account or sign in to get started.

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Here you can find most frequent asked questions. Feel free to contact me if you still have a different one.

What can I use Codefile for?
You can use Codefile for everything code sharing, like pair programming, share code online with your team, tech interviews, teaching... you name it.
How long does a file last?
Forever (unless the creator of the file deletes it).
How can I delete a file?
You can delete a file accessing to your dashbaord and clicking on the "Delete file" icon. Keep in mind that you can only delete files which were created by you while being signed in.
How can I compile or run the code?
You can't. Codefile is not intended to run or compile code, it is just intended to share and edit code collaboratively.
Can anyone see a file I created?
Yes, as far as they have the file link. So, never put confidential information inside a file.
Can I prevent a file of being modified by other people?
Yes, just turn the Protected option on when you share the file or from your Dashboard. Keep in mind that this option can only be changed by the user who created the file while being Signed in.

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